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RARA Electronics History


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RARA Electronics History

A Brief History of RARA Electronics LLC




2015 ~ 2023

2022. 06 Legal designation changed from corporation to limited liability company
2021. 01 Establishment of RMS Co., Ltd., a sales subsidiary of RARA
2020. 01 Local development of ultra-precision large current detection
  resistor (TCR: 3ppm, 5ppm. Tol.: 0.05%, 0.1%)
2017. 12 Awarded 3 Million Dollar Export Tower by President Moon Jae-in,
  in 2018.03
2017. 03 Floor area extended by 588.9sqm
2016. 01 Pre-charge resistor for electric vehicles passed the AEC-Q200 test
2015. 03 Passed automotive industry standard AEC-Q200 test.
  (Models: BWS, TCS)
2002 ~ 2014  
2013. 11

Acquired ISO/TS16949 certification

  (NQA certification number: T7821)
2012. 05 CEO Kim Sang-gon received the Minister of Knowledge
  and Economy Award
2011. 01 Adding a 4th floor extension, total floor space of 1,872 m²

2010. 07

Signed a Korean agency agreement with Isabellenhütte of Germany
2009. 05

IP67 (waterproof and dustproof test) approved by KTL

2009. 02

Development of high-current precision shunt resistor for

  large-capacity battery test
2007. 01 Taiwan Viking Tech Corp. Korea agency contract
2006. 11 Won the Million Dollar Export Award (President Roh Moo-hyun)
2006. 01 Recognized as an affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial
  Technology Association) (Laboratory name: RARA Electromagnetic
  Resistor Technology Research Center)
2005. 09 Factory extension of 445sqm, total floor space now 1,472.22sqm
2003. 12 Information management system certification by Korea Productivity
  Center Certification Center
  Extension of factory to 1107sqm floor space
  Selected as INNO-BIZ by Small and Medium Business Administration
2003. 05 TUV Rheinland to IP65 (water and dust proof) approved
2002. 06 Acquired UL certification (E227820)
1989 ~ 2001  
2001. 04 Extension of factory to 925sqm floor space
2000. 08 Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business
  (Incheon Metropolitan City)
2000. 07 Designated as a promising export small and medium enterprise
  (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2000. 04 Changed name to RARA Electronics Co., Ltd.
1998. 10 Acquired ISO 9001 certification from TUV Rheinland
1997. 01 Signed an American distributor agreement with ISOTEK in the
  United States
1995. 04 Building floor area 429sqm before new construction
  (Incheon Namdong Industrial Complex)
1993. 04 Signed a European sole agency contract with RHOPOINT in the UK
1992. 12 Signed a Korean agency contract with US VISHAY Resistive
  Systems (ultra-precision resistor)
1990. 01 Started exporting to PCN Corporation in Japan
1989. 01 Company established in Goean-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do



   RARA Electronics LLC
(100BL-11L) 666-19 Kojang-Dong,
   Namdong-Gu, Incheon,
   South Korea 405310
   Tel: 82-32-817-4325
   Fax: 82-32-817-4329